Thursday, 18 June 2015

My monday life

Today, I am planning to decorate my home interiors with modern designing concept. I am always liked and amazed by the simplicity of a modern home. The stylish and functional design.

The weekend was a whirlwind and I hardly know how to tackle my thoughts on it all. I am introverted and extroverted in equal measure, in that I love being around people while in the moment, but I find it all very draining and need plenty of alone time to recharge afterwards.  The weekend consisted of meeting some of my long-time favorite bloggers and friends , meeting lots of fabulous new-to-me faces,  public speaking and the natural anxiety that begets, and plenty of general socialization and high-strungness that are always a bi-product of these types of conferences. Like last year at Texas Style Council, I found myself outrageously bad-tempered for a good three days after I got home - the low that often comes immediately after the high.

It was pretty difficult to get some great ideas looking at all the furnitures in the mall.  I know I need to get my thoughts organised. Not just that, my baby is sick! When I brought my baby in to the doctor, I thought for sure that he had pink eye because he woke up with his eyes completely crusted shut. It turns out, it was just from his extreme congestion. The doctor checked his ears and said they were on the verge of being infected so he prescribed an antibiotic right away (I was so thankful). After a few days, my baby crusty eyes cleared up and he seemed much happier.

Just look at that sweet little face! Anyway, as you can probably tell from the pictures, you are a girl on the go! You prefer crawling and cruising around furniture to cuddling these days. Both your pediatrician and your ECFE teacher think you'll be walking by 10 months! Your favorite pastime is climbing the stairs, which has become an issue because daddy and I have yet to find a baby gate that fits the bottom of our stairs properly. You knocked over and scaled the first one we attempted and climbed right under the bench I tried to use... This look says it all, "Just try to stop me, mom..."!

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